Dear Organic Farming Professional,

Our Organic Technology Day is always a great success: last year nearly 1000 visitors, most of them organic farmers, attend the event that spans from the afternoon into the evening! 

The Organic Technology Day focuses on the mechanisation for organic and vegetable farming in general. This year’s event will again feature an interesting programme. For farmers, the Organic Technology Day is a good opportunity to showcase the most important developments in the mechanisation of organic crop and vegetable farming. It is also an opportunity to meet and network with other organic farmers like yourself. This year’s invited guests include again a group of international organic farmers, making it an event for all organic farmers in Europe.



Compared to traditional farming shows for the organic sector the Biotechniekdag solely aims towards technologically innovations in this branch. Our target audience is made up of organic farmers, those who are switching towards organic farming or conventional farmers that have a strong interest in organic farming. The company Hagranop in Tollebeek is facilitating this show.